I Could End My Snoozing Problem

I stumbled on this new alarm clock called SnūzNLūz. I'm actually kind of afraid to buy it, but I think it could actually work. The idea is you hook it into your computer network, and configure it so that every time you hit the snooze button, it donates YOUR money to a charity that you HATE. So, either it will work and I would be a happier person, or it won't work, and I'll just be more frustrated than before because I'll be oversleeping AND contributing to bad causes!

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Messages on My Phone

First, I'll start with the annoying one. I get this exact message a couple times a week for the past few months:

This is Chris St. James with Broadcom at 800 210 2892. I'm calling regarding your credit card balances and the minimum payments that are going up. It is imperative that you call me back. You now qualify for the debt reduction allowance program. Again, my name is Chris St. James and my phone number is 800 210 2892 and it is imperative that you give me a call.
Click here for the audio

OK, so this is annoying on so many levels. First just the fact that I get it so damn often. Second, I don't carry a balance on my credit cards, so obviously I've either been confused with someone else, or this is just a random call (my bet is on the latter). Third, I'm on the national Do Not Call list, but wait, my mobile isn't, and that is the number they called! Ok, so now that I'm registered, I better stop getting these calls in 31 days. And why is it so damn imperative that I call him. I'd suggest that everyone who reads this call the guy and waste his time, but I'm afraid it would just waste your time. And who knows what kind of a list you'd end up on.

OK, so now for the more amusing one (or is it sad?). I missed a personal call from Alexander Ovechkin! Take a listen to the message he left just for me. Yeah, OK, so maybe it was a mass calling. Doesn't he sound thrilled to be here in Washington playing for the "best fans in the NHL"? I guess that is what enthusiasm sounds like in Russia.

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Halloween in January

I was getting tired of the beard. I do like to grow it every once in a while, and I was attempting to actually keep it around for a while, but I'm just not going to be a long time beard wearer. This was the longest at just over 3 months. Anyway, as I started to shave it off, I thought I'd go with the Amish look for a night.

Amish Ryan

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McCain Thinks Canada is in Europe

I was watching clips from the debates I missed tonight, and I saw McCain say this: "You made a statement about European Nations, they all get health care. Well some people here in New Hampshire have been to Canada, I don't think they want that system." I can't believe there was a time (basically 1999) when I thought he would be a decent president.

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Why I Love to Ski

I took a skier strength training class from my yoga instructor a couple weeks ago. Before we got started, she had us meditate, while she read this story, or poem, or whatever... she called it a visualization. It summed up very eloquently why I love to ski.
The sky is blue.
The air is crisp.
The snow is clean.
There are no tracks.
There is no wind.
There is no sound.
There is no ice.
It's just you and the mountain...
The trees are heavy with snow and set far to the sides of the run as if guiding and protecting you on your decent down the mountain.

You take a deep inhale, feeling the cold air enter your body as the adrenaline of the first run of the season sets in. You turn your skies downhill and take off feeling the easy controlled glide of your skies down the mountain.

Your gaze is downhill.
Your skies follow the natural curves and sways of the mountain.
The trees continue to guide your path.
The sound of your skies on the snow is unmistakable.
You are nearing the bottom of the mountain and you quickly twist your skies to a stop, spraying the fresh powder behind you.

There is no line at the lift...
You join your friends and return to the top of the mountain!

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