Welcome to my newly redesigned website. Yes, I have too much spare time. Now that I'm using Drupal, a content management system (CMS), I plan to be updating the site a bit more frequently. Just as Joe's site is not a blog, neither will be mine... actually, I hope mine is even less of a blog than his, but I make no promises. Yes, I'm finally moving out of the last century, and into the new one with dynamicly created pages, rather than old static ones. I expect things will be broken often and look dull for a while until I get things in order. In the meantime, you can still access my old website at ryan.sandridge.org/old_site. Feel free to register. Right now it won't offer you many benefits, but eventually there will be content only available to friends and family.

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Building Improved iTunes Web View

I've spent the past few days working on importing my iTunes xml file into a MySQL database, and setting up PHP code to view the database. Learned the hard way after at least an hour trying to figure out why one of my global variables kept retaining its old values after doing an unset on it. Turns out you can't just unset them in the normal way. You have to: unset($GLOBALS['variable']); How peculiar. I also discovered TextWrangler this weekend. I've always known about it, but was so disenchanted with Bare Bones after they made BBEdit a complicated mess and started charging for it. But TextWrangler has gone back to the BBEdit fundamentals. If you'd like to see my work in progress, check out this page.

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