Why Facebook Might Be a Bad Thing

Aside from the countless cumulative hours updating status messages, throwing sheep, biting chumps, and playing scrabulous, there is another reason why I should consider deleting my Facebook account–it is brutal!

While I probably don't have the highest self esteem in the world, it also isn't completely in the gutter either. I think I have a somewhat realistic view of myself... or do I? According to applications on Facebook, 2 out of 74 people "would date me". It also says my weaknesses are listening and being entertaining... Ugh. Worse yet are what my "strengths" are punctuality, helpfulness, and ability to drink the most! Ok, the first two are OK, but why do I want to be known as a drunk?

Fortunately I don't put too much stock in it. I don't see myself as an undateable boring drunk who can't listen; but if you believe Facebook, that is the way my friends see me.

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An interesting post - someone tell Jenny...
I completely agree - very punctual...usually. (-: And, as a favorite person of ours says "it only takes 1." And you have 2 - so stop complaining! But did 72 people actually say they wouldn't date you?? Wow - that's harsh. Anonymous Coward, March 18, 2008 19:28