Empty Nest

The last of my red eared slider turtles were adopted today. Helga and the remaining two children went to a private fenced in pond in Florida. I am sad to see them go, but over the past year or so, I've not been very good about taking care of them properly, so this will be much better.

I found their new home by placing them for adoption at www.turtlehomes.org . If you'd like to see pictures of their new home, check out www.pkrattery.com/turtlepondhabitat.html.

The shipping process was quite awful.... I packed them into plastic-ware with wet paper towels. Despite all the holes I cut into the containers, I still don't know how they managed to not suffocate! In any case, they first to Ohio (DHL's sort facility), then they arrived alive around noon today. Now they have a huge pond with about 40 other turtles to keep them busy.

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Hi Ryan, Your turtles are fine and the reason they don't suffocate is because they sleep under water all night with out breathing air. Just thought I'd let you know and the shipping process is the safest around----haven't had a turtle hurt or die since I started shipping over 10 years ago!:) Anonymous Coward, February 23, 2008 21:47