Getting Cars Off the Road (and Data in the Skies)

image of Nissan 350Z, 35th Anniversary EditionOk, so I'm addicted to these TED talks... I've been awfully quiet about peak oil for quite some time now. This is partially because I began to doubt that the peak oil phenomena would be quite as catastrophic as I once thought (although I'm still convinced it will cause a global economic depression), partially because I was obviously wrong about how soon it would happen, and partially because I went out and bought a gas guzzling 350Z last July. So, I've felt a bit hypocritical getting on my soapbox concerning energy conservation while I drive my Z. But hey, I did my carbon balancing by owning the Prius–AND I intend to replace that Z with the Tesla Whitestar if it ever gets made.

Anyway, I found this talk by Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, interesting:

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