Messages on My Phone

First, I'll start with the annoying one. I get this exact message a couple times a week for the past few months:

This is Chris St. James with Broadcom at 800 210 2892. I'm calling regarding your credit card balances and the minimum payments that are going up. It is imperative that you call me back. You now qualify for the debt reduction allowance program. Again, my name is Chris St. James and my phone number is 800 210 2892 and it is imperative that you give me a call.
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OK, so this is annoying on so many levels. First just the fact that I get it so damn often. Second, I don't carry a balance on my credit cards, so obviously I've either been confused with someone else, or this is just a random call (my bet is on the latter). Third, I'm on the national Do Not Call list, but wait, my mobile isn't, and that is the number they called! Ok, so now that I'm registered, I better stop getting these calls in 31 days. And why is it so damn imperative that I call him. I'd suggest that everyone who reads this call the guy and waste his time, but I'm afraid it would just waste your time. And who knows what kind of a list you'd end up on.

OK, so now for the more amusing one (or is it sad?). I missed a personal call from Alexander Ovechkin! Take a listen to the message he left just for me. Yeah, OK, so maybe it was a mass calling. Doesn't he sound thrilled to be here in Washington playing for the "best fans in the NHL"? I guess that is what enthusiasm sounds like in Russia.

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I should have googled the number... http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-210-2731 Ryan, January 17, 2008 14:58