Why I Love to Ski

I took a skier strength training class from my yoga instructor a couple weeks ago. Before we got started, she had us meditate, while she read this story, or poem, or whatever... she called it a visualization. It summed up very eloquently why I love to ski.
The sky is blue.
The air is crisp.
The snow is clean.
There are no tracks.
There is no wind.
There is no sound.
There is no ice.
It's just you and the mountain...
The trees are heavy with snow and set far to the sides of the run as if guiding and protecting you on your decent down the mountain.

You take a deep inhale, feeling the cold air enter your body as the adrenaline of the first run of the season sets in. You turn your skies downhill and take off feeling the easy controlled glide of your skies down the mountain.

Your gaze is downhill.
Your skies follow the natural curves and sways of the mountain.
The trees continue to guide your path.
The sound of your skies on the snow is unmistakable.
You are nearing the bottom of the mountain and you quickly twist your skies to a stop, spraying the fresh powder behind you.

There is no line at the lift...
You join your friends and return to the top of the mountain!

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