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I should have my head examined. I spent the entire day setting up my new Slicehost partition, and getting ryan.sandridge.org ported over there. It is bad enough that I am working so many hours for Aha, but then to turn around and spend an entire Sunday doing the same kind of work for this silly blog.... what is wrong with me.

That all said, I must say I'm actually surprised I managed to get this done in a day. I am a bit cross-eyed at this point. In the end it will be worth it. I have complete control over the slice, which was not the case at Dreamhost. And as an added side benefit, I'll be able to roll out a few features I've had done for a while now, but couldn't release on Dreamhost. First up is the Atom Feed . Oh, and did you notice that the page loaded in about 1/10 the time?

And yes, it is perhaps too early to say with confidence, but I'm very impressed with Slicehost. Go buy your own account and get me a referral fee!

Well, I got to get up in the morning and do all this stuff for Aha now... so good night.

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