Fighting in Hockey

And as long as I'm here writing anyway, I'll get on my soapbox for something that otherwise wouldn't justify a comment--Fighting in Hockey. I really don't understand the fans who defend it saying that it is "part of hockey". I can understand some of it. I can understand in those occasions where it is completely uncontrolled anger that bubbles over and results in an honest fight. I can also understand the referees standing back in such a fight for their own safety. But what I see more often, are two guys dancing around and around, starring at each other with their gloves off, waiting for one of them to take the first punch. That is ridiculous. In those scenarios, the refs should step right in and stop it before it even happens. Those fights are all for show anyway. I saw the Caps vs. Penguins last night, and there was one such ridiculous fight between Brashear and Laraque. And perhaps I'm reading way too much into that fight, but I find it distasteful that the only two black guys on the ice end up in one of those "for show" fights. It would be a different story if the NHL was more racially balanced, but when 2 of the only 10 black players in the league duke it out in one of those fights solely for the crowds enjoyment, you have to wonder what the message is. And to make things worse, take a look at this article on Yahoo. There are two photos from the game embedded in the article, and the larger of the two is the Brashear/Laraque fight. I'm sure some will feel I'm out of line for even making the observation.

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