Calla at the Black Cat

I saw Calla tonight. It was sort of a surreal experience, in that I've been a fan for years (although only tonight did I finally find out how to correctly pronounce their name), and I just assumed that they had "made it" more than they have. They played the Black Cat, and the show didn't sell out. In fact, the price of the show at the door was only $8, despite me paying $10 two months ago to reserve my ticket.

I felt so fortunate to see them in such a small venue with an unobstructed view just about 10 feet from the stage. After their excellent performance (my only complaint was sometimes it was hard to hear the guitar over the bass and drums), the three members of the band came out to sell t-shirts. It seems so hard to believe that they don't even have an entourage to handle such things. Of course it could be they like it that way.

I got to meet the band after the show. In fact Aurelio took an unexpected interest in making sure I had a good fit for the shirt. Very nice that they are so down to earth. I hope I didn't insult him by expressing my shock that its possible to see them perform in such a small venue... ah, this ties in to my May post.

Update: Check out this video of theirs if you've never heard of them. Oh, and in all fairness, it was a Tuesday night show, so hopefully they sell out shows better than that on better nights of the week.

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