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Yes, I've gone and ditched drupal as my content management platform. I can't say that I had any real complaints with the actual software, other than I don't know PHP, and I don't want to. And you really don't need to, but after moving my site from the somewhat sketchy Site 5, to the somewhat better Dreamhost, I was plagued with little incompatibilities that I didn't know how to fix.

In theory, I'm a Ruby on Rails developer these days, so it just seemed right to roll my own using Rails. And keeping with the principals of Agile Software Development, I'm deploying early. I'll fix bugs and add features as I go. Namely, I need to add tagging, and allow comments.

Oh, and I am using an open web design created by Pat Heard. Currently I'm using it pretty much as it comes from him, but I hope to tweak it soon to have a bit more personal touch.

UPDATE: I've just noticed that there is some odd behavior when viewed by Internet Explorer. One problem was quickly addressed, others persist if viewed by any version of Internet Explorer previous to IE 7.

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