Riudoso Blues

I didn't do such a good job keeping the blog up to date the past week. We spent Monday night in Yuma, AZ, Tuesday night in Tucson, AZ, Wednesday night in Truth or Consequences, NM, and Thursday and Friday night in Albuquerque, NM.

Dad and I had a good night in Tucson. We stayed at the Hotel Congress. It isn't real fancy, but it is a cool place to stay. You're in a pretty hip part of town. Lots of bars and restaurants. The hotel itself is pretty interesting. It is very old, and looks like it has been frozen in time about 100 years ago.

We didn't spend much time in Truth or Consequences at all, so I can't really comment on it. It sounded like a cool place to visit, but we got in there late, and left pretty early. I had made an appointment in Albuquerque for my car to get the recommended 30,000 mile maintenance, so we hurried into Albuquerque to make the appointment. That service ended up costing $660... which in retrospect given this weekends events, sounds like an incredible waste of money.

Saturday was a driving day. We were going to pass through a couple of towns that Dad was thinking of retiring in. First up was Ruidoso, NM. We got into town, ate lunch, then we headed to a property for sale he was interested in. As we were turning into the driveway of the property, we were hit from behind by a Ford Explorer. We were propelled into (and onto) a stone wall.

Since this happened on the weekend in a small town, we've been stranded without a rental car. Also, the insurance claim specialist from both my insurance (State Farm) and the other party's (Geico), don't work on the weekend. Tomorrow I'll finally start getting some answers.

I suspect this spells the end of our adventure. Seems this road trip was cursed from the start. If you go back to the very beginning, I started towards the wrong city. Of course there were the circumstances leading to the hiatus in the middle of the trip. And now this. I believe I'll probably be home in the next few days. Who knows what the future of my car is. The pictures actually don't seem to show as much damage as there appeared to be in person.

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