Wine Country to San Francisco

Monday night we stayed in Calistoga. Perhaps not the best place to spend with your dad. It appears that the entire town is geared towards couples seeking romantic getaways. Finding rooms with two beds proved challenging. Anyway, we managed.

I was designated driver through wine country, and dad enjoyed sampling the wine, but he was disappointed that it wasn't like it was 40 years ago (namely free). Most of the vineyards charge $5 or $10 to taste 3-4 wines. I get it, although sometimes it did seem ridiculous. They have to do something to prevent abuse, and charging a small fee seems reasonable. But some of the winery's we stopped at sell wine for under $10 a bottle at the grocery stores in VA. That wine has been shipped and taxed, and you get a whole bottle for less than a taste of 3-4 wines. Furthermore, we were visiting wine country in the off season during the week. So, mostly I think it is reasonable to charge for the tasting, but sometimes it just seemed silly.

We arrived in San Francisco Tuesday. Just before sunset, I spotted an owl sitting on the roof of the building outside our hotel room. Later, Dad was a good sport and went to get sushi with me for dinner. There wasn't much cooked food on the menu for him, but he managed. In fact he even said he enjoyed the meal. He's come a long way the last few years with his culinary openness.

Wednesday morning I noticed the owl had not moved, and so I pretty much knew at that point I had been tricked. Pat and Thea did confirm that fake owls are quite common here to keep the pigeons away. I feel a little silly spending all the time I did on these long exposures of a fake owl.

Anyway, I met Pat and Thea for dinner for the awesome Zante's Indian Pizza. Then we went to this great cocktail lounge, where if you're adventurous, you just tell the bartender a vague idea of what you're in the mood for, and they mix up an incredible cocktail that you've probably never had before.

Tomorrow we head to San Jose to have lunch with old friends of Dad's, then we head south with our destination still undecided.

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