Oregon/California Coast

The days do begin to blur together on the road. And I'm already not doing what I promised... which was keeping the blog tersely updated daily. Some pictures have been added to my flickr account. Also, don't forget to check out Dad's photos.

We stayed in Crescent City, CA last night, where our motel advertised free high speed Internet, and yet I was only able to surf for about 30 minutes. Tonight we are in Willits, CA, and the Baechtel Creek Inn has blazing fast Internet.

We made a slight detour to go through Redwood National Park. It looks like it hasn't been visited by citizens or park rangers for many years. Go to Sequoia instead. But our adventure for Sunday was walking into a biker bar called Lumberjack Saloon in Orick, CA. I knew it was a biker bar before we went in, but I figured we had to check it out. We stopped there for lunch. It sounded so much more interesting than the (forgot the name already) diner next door. Walking into it was almost like it is in the movies... we were the only non-locals in the place, and we definitely looked out of place. And as it turns out they weren't selling any lunch (they are a bar only kinda bar).

But the similarities to the movies ends there. Instead of the rough, tough attitude you see portrayed in the movies, we were warmly welcomed by everybody in the place (the bartender and all the customers). The bartender was very friendly in explaining our lunch options, and even offered to call an order in to the diner next door and have them bring the food over to the bar. We were driving so we weren't going to have any beers, so we ended up just going next door, but in retrospect I realize we missed out on a great opportunity. We could have basked in the surrealism of that place for an hour rather than just 3 minutes.

Oh, and one more observation. Both in Crescent City and here in Willits, they seemed to have abolished all child labor laws. We've seen at least 3 girls no more than 11 years old working in the restaurant industry here. Today we set out for wine country.

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