You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

You don't always get what you pay for. Our first two nights in Seattle were in the Silver Cloud on Broadway. I'm a fan of their hotels. I stayed in the one in Portland last November. They are a bit pricey though if you're going to be staying in hotels for 4-6 weeks in a row. But very nice. At $159/night, you get what you pay for. Fantastic indoor pool, exercise room, a much better than average continental breakfast, guest laundry facilities, free internet, refrigerator/microwave and a great room in a hip part of Seattle.

Then we were off to Bellevue for the Rails training. I booked us in at the Sheraton Bellevue East (where our training was) at the group discount rate of $159/night. Now, this place was almost a dump. Not quite a dump, but almost. Our room was small, outdated, and smelled of mildew. The staff were a bit arrogant. The Internet was not free ($10.95/day). After taxes and Internet, the room was nearly $200/night. While we were able to walk to a few restaurants, we were not in nearly as cool of a location as we were in Seattle.

Well, after burning through a lot of cash in less than a week on hotel rooms alone, I was determined to be a bit more economical in Portland. And perhaps I over-corrected, because I couldn't find anything that didn't sound like a flea-bag motel in Portland proper, so we stayed in a Quality Inn in Vancouver, WA. But the point is, for $65, we spent a night in a huge suite with refrigerator/microwave, free internet, free HBO, etc... And it did not smell of mildew. It wasn't a great room, but it also is a Quality Inn, not the Sheraton. And it was roughly the same distance from city center as Bellevue was.

Anyway, enough complaining. Dad and I are doing well. He's driving at the moment and I'm typing. We just drove past Eugene, OR. We have no idea where we'll stay tonight. We're going to wing it. We're going to probably get off the Interstate soon and cut over to the coast.

UPDATE: We're in Reedsport, OR tonight. Pictures to be posted when I get a chance.

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