Road Trip 2.0

When I set out on the open road back on October 4th, I had no intentions of spending six weeks getting to Seattle (rather I thought the entire trip would take that long). Three months after ditching my car in Seattle and flying home, I arrived in Seattle tonight with Dad for the second half of my road trip. Already the trip has gotten off to a spectacular start, with the simple fact that my car wasn't stolen, broken into, nor damaged in any way. Remarkably the car started without any difficulty. So, soon Dad and I will be setting out across the country, and I expect we'll spend about six weeks getting home. First we'll head down the West Coast in search of a warmer route home (although one can hardly complain with the balmy 50 degree weather here in Seattle). As with last time, I intend to update this pitiful blog, however I very much doubt that I'll be as verbose as I was on the way out. Thanks to all of you who have been in touch the past month or so... I really feel privileged to have so many good friends. I hope to see some of you along the way, and others when I get back.

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keep it going man
great blog. a lot of history, emotion and time dedicated to this trip. I'm glad you're finishing it. Be safe and enjoy! Your bud in Austin, TX Andrew Ma, February 10, 2007 08:33