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I know, just last night I was saying that I probably wouldn't be blogging again soon. But two pieces of news came to me today, from two different sources, and the juxtaposition of these two news items upsets me greatly.

First I saw on some local news that Dad was watching and I was barely paying attention to, that George W. Bush was trying to raise $500,000,000.00 for his presidential library. That in itself evoked an immediate emotional response from me. I think I said something like, "That egotistical bastard can't find better uses for half a billion dollars?"

I have nothing against presidential libraries in theory, but after going to the Clinton presidential library, I saw what an ego trip these things are. Clinton's was at least a very interesting piece of architecture, and I believe it is powered by solar collectors on the roof. While still excessive in my opinion, Clinton's library cost around $175 million (±$10 Million depending on the source).

According to some different sources, it costs less $32/month to feed a person. In lieu of Clinton's library, we could have fed about a half a million people for a year. In lieu of George W. Bush's proposed library, we can feed about 1.3 million people for a year.

An hour or so after hearing that news, I read about our troops killing 5 girls (including an infant) in Iraq today. It made me cry. Then it made me mad. I don't know any more than what I read at breakingnews.ie, but ultimately I blame this country's leadership. I can't imagine what it is like to be a US troop following orders in Iraq. Unless I'm convinced otherwise, I give those troops the benefit of the doubt that they thought their lives were in danger, and they didn't intend to kill 5 girls. But the whole situation that we're in over there makes this news possible, and it pisses me off that it is all over oil so that we can continue to have a growing economy to maintain our standard of living. And people drive Hummers that get single digit fuel economy and wonder why terrorists have declared war on us. The war has cost over $346 billion, enough to feed about 10 million people for the rest of their lives...

Am I the only one having trouble going to sleep at night knowing that my standard of living comes at the expense of the lives of Iraqis, the lives of our troops, and the lives of the poor?

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