Little Rock to Wichita Falls

I went to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, or Clinton Museum for short. I probably should have just taken a few pictures of the exterior and been on my way. I can't say I was terribly impressed with the museum itself. While I never voted for Clinton, I think in retrospect he is probably the best president we've had during my adult lifetime. Even still, I found the museum to be a fairly revisionist, one-sided, ego trip for President Clinton. And many of the exhibits were simply things I'm never interested in, such as suits and dresses worn by the Clintons, fancy expensive gifts from foreign nations, etc. I'd say if you are a big Clinton fan, and have lots of time to spare, then go ahead and see it, but if you are on a schedule like mine, then skip it.

From there I had the longest day's drive to date, and I did it with only 3 very short stops for fuel, food, and restrooms. From Little Rock to Wichita Falls (via Oklahoma City as the computer suggested) I drove 473 miles. I did debate stopping in Oklahoma City to see the memorial for the bombing victims there, but it would have meant going downtown during rush hour. In the end, I just wanted to be done with driving, so I skipped it.

I arrived at Uncle Ted and Aunt Kay's home on Avondale St., despite the Prius' navigation system once again letting me down. For whatever reason, it doesn't think there is an Avondale Street in Wichita Falls. When I did finally get onto Avondale St., it said I was on Buena Vista Way. Kay had cooked a big meal, and we were joined by my cousin Doug, his wife Stacey, and two of their children Chelsea and Alex.

Saturday I put another 304 miles on the car to drive to Dallas and back to see Brionna and Chelsea play soccer. I didn't think any of my pictures were going to be any good, as I have little experience with action photography, and I am still learning how to use the new camera. I was pleasantly surprised that I got several good pictures of their games. I was also shocked at what a big deal soccer is here. Most of the best teams in the nation play in Dallas, and kids from all over the state of Texas come to Dallas to play in these elite leagues. Some teams travel from further distances than Wichita Falls, which itself is a 2 1/2 hour drive in each direction!

While I wasn't particularly looking forward to the drive on Saturday, I did get to ride down with Brionna, and ride back with Chelsea, so it was nice to get to know them both a little better. Brionna played me a CD that she had made of some of her favorite music. I was relieved that I had heard a few of the songs and bands, and that the ones I hadn't heard of I pretty much liked. It is nice to know that I'm not quite old enough yet to have lost touch with today's youth's music! Chelsea played DJ with my iPod on the way back, and she filled me in on everything going on with her.

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