I've got no new pictures since the last update, but thought I'd post an update anyway. First is a lesson I learned the hard way about blindly trusting the Prius' navigation system. When I left Simpsonville, SC, the navigation system told me to get on I-385 South, which without consulting a map, seemed perfectly logical since I was headed for Atlanta. As soon as I got on the interstate, it told me to get off at the next exit, and get on I-385 North, which in fact is the way I should have been going. I have no idea why it sent me South initially, even though as luck would have it, I'd spend the next hour sitting on the highway pondering it. First there was a massive accident that occurred on the southbound side between the exit I got on at and where I needed to get off. That accident had just happened, and so it only took about 20 minutes to get past it. But then, when I got on northbound, the police had shut it down at the location of the accident, so that emergency crew could drive up the wrong side of the road. So I sat there for 40 more minutes waiting for that to re-open.

Needless to say, my first order of business when I stopped for fuel, was to purchase a road map for the country (I gave mine to my brother since I thought I wouldn't need one with a navigation system). For now on, I'll take a quick look at the map before I blindly follow bad directions.

I arrived at my friend Andy's house in Marietta, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Andy is a chef for a private club. I've never had his cooking, since he generally doesn't like to cook at home since it is what he does all day for work; but with the arrival of his new son (2 1/2 months), going out to eat is more trouble, so he cooked a delicious pork dinner. I'd try to describe it better, but I'm sure I wouldn't do it justice. I wish I had a picture of it to share with you. I'd have stayed the night with him and his family, but his family includes two cats, so I wanted to find an alternative.

I had an open offer from my cousin (once removed to be specific) Stephen, who is a senior at Emory. I wanted to visit with him and I figured a night in a fraternity house at my age might be kind of interesting, but it was about an hour in the opposite direction that I was going to go today, and then I'd have to deal with being on the East side of Atlanta during rush hour traffic this morning, and I'd be heading West.

I drove up to Acworth and got a room in a motel. On the way, about a mile away from Andy's house, I saw about 5 different bail bonds shops, which I found quite strange. I guess I expect to see that in bad neighborhoods, but Andy's neighborhood was very nice, and even a mile away the area looked quite nice. Not the place you'd expect to see a bail bond shop, let alone 5.

I'm sitting in a Panera Bread in Rome, GA as I type this. I know, I know, Panera Bread is a chain... a big one too. I really should do as the Romans do when in Rome, and in fact I may be, as this place is completely full. I had every intention of going to this small coffee shop that is in downtown Rome, but traffic was not moving, and I was right next to a Panera Bread, which of course has free internet connection. I may find a common theme is my often conflicting desire to try a local spot and my desire to have an internet connection.

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