South Carolina

Thursday was a relatively short and uneventful drive from Cherokee to Simpsonville. Of course as I was leaving the mountains, the weather was perfect, and I couldn't help be be a little jealous of this couple who were setting out on their Harley's for a ride through the park in that beautiful weather.

Shortly after arriving at Paul and Courtney's house, we went into Greenville to see the Budweiser Clydesdales. Downtown Greenville is pretty nice. I'm not sure of the history, but the area I was in looked like it has recently been re-developed.

Paul and I headed out for dinner and drinks later, and Courtney stayed home to watch Xander and Grace. I don't think Paul gets out very much these days now that he has the kids to take care of. Friday was much of the same. Paul and I hung out all day, watching the kids, then Courtney took over and we went out for dinner at a Japanese steak house.

Saturday we all drove out to the countryside so that Xander and Grace could go on a hay-ride. It turned out to be a Wally World experience, as they weren't giving hay-rides. We decided to not pay the $7 per person to do the corn maze, since we were lured there under false advertising. Later in the evening, we dropped the kids with Courtney's parents, and the three of us headed for the "Fall for Greenville" festival.

We walked around for a while, but we weren't very impressed with the musical entertainment, so we went to Corner Pocket for some dinner and beers. I really enjoyed my 3 days visiting with Paul and his family. I have to admit that I have a little more respect (I already had quite a bit) for parents. I'm not sure I could deal with all the chaos and crying that comes with them.

As of Sunday morning, I've driven 1,327 miles, despite only being 495 miles from home. I'll be leaving in about an hour for Atlanta. Don't forget that in addition to the pictures I post here, you can see all the pictures on Flickr.

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