It is starting to feel a little like a road trip now, and I suspect over the next two days that will become even more true. I spent Thursday and Friday in Blacksburg, VA visiting with family. I had hoped to get more pictures, but the rain pretty much put the kibosh on that.

I stayed with my Aunt Sue, as I always do when I'm in Blacksburg. As usual, she kick my butt in Hell (called "Nerts", "Pounce", "Racing Demon" by anyone outside our family). We watched a bunch of bad tv shows, and generally complained about the crappy weather; but I enjoyed my visit with her.

I also visited with my Aunt Betty and Uncle Larry. Betty and I spent an afternoon going through old family photographs, and I got a bunch of the old family photo's I'd scanned onto Flickr labeled with names.

For the record: Several people have informed me that driving from Blacksburg to Richmond is the exact opposite direction of the way I want to be going. I assure you that I am not directionally challenged, and indeed was aware of this. It turns out that schedule-wise this worked better. The people I was visiting in Blacksburg are all retired, and hence are free during the week; however ALL of the people I am visiting in Richmond have jobs, and hence are more available on weekends. See, there is a method to my madness.

I did manage to get a few pictures of the Hokie turkeys around town on Thursday before the rain started. I'm having issues getting pictures taken with my new Nikon D200 to display correctly in browsers. From my limited research, it appears that the only browsers that correctly display JPG's with embedded color profiles are Safari and Opera for Macintosh. I've read some tips on how to work around this problem, but I've yet to get the solutions to work for me.... so during the meantime, if you can't view the pictures with one of those browsers, then they will look under-saturated or "washed out".

Time flies, and Saturday was time for me to pull up stakes and head to Richmond. Along the way, I stopped in Roanoke to see my cousin Martha and her two daughters. I wish I'd allowed for more time for that visit. The girls are absolutely adorable. Mary Willa is starting to shake the shyness, and even went for a ride with me without Mom. Of course, with little sister Maggie, who is possibly the most extroverted child I've ever met, Mary Willa has to be less shy or she'd never get noticed! At a coffee shop, 3 1/2 year old Maggie went up to stranger's table and put her arm around him. She is good entertainment. I look forward to visiting with Martha and kids again soon.

I arrived in Richmond and had dinner with my cousin Richard, his wife Cindy, and son Stephen. Unfortunately no pictures of them, as my point and shoot battery was dead, and I wasn't going to haul around the D200 to dinner! It was nice catching up with them, since it has been quite a while since we've seen each other.

Today I had lunch with my cousin Diane and her eighteen month old daughter Lily. Dinner was at the incredibly smokey Buffalo Wild Wings with friends Shannon and Jenn. Tomorrow I head out for Raleigh, and on the way I'm going to stop by the rural house I lived in as a child between the ages of 6-8. The town isn't on any map that I've seen, so it is pretty remote (well, as remote as it gets on the east coast). I'm excited to see it, since I haven't seen it since we left in 1979.

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