The Prologue

The first day really isn't much to write about. It reminds me of the prologue in the Tour de France. The first 273 miles have been covered, but considering it was to Blacksburg, a trip I often do several times a year, does it really qualify as first day of the trip? I don't know, but let's call it the Prologue.

Despite Lon assuring me on Monday night that I would not be leaving on Wednesday, I did in fact leave. I wanted to leave at 9 am, but thanks to my remarkable procrastination skills, I didn't manage to get out of town until 2:25 pm. I was on the road for about 10 minutes before I realized I was heading for Richmond instead of Blacksburg. Not the best start one could hope for.

I had planned on driving along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park to check out some of the fall foliage; but my late departure nixed that. So, no pictures for the Prologue. Oh, and for the record, my beginning odometer read 20,846.

I'll be here in Blacksburg until Saturday morning. VA Tech has put little turkey statues all over town (Hokies), so I hope to get some pictures of them today.

Miles Driven: 273

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