First Half of Road Trip Schedule Posted

As most friends and family know, I am setting out on a two month road trip across the country and back. I'll be putting some serious miles on the Prius. I've managed to put off planning the trip about as long as I can. In fact, up until a week ago I was going to depart today! Planning such a trip is not a trivial task, as everybody I'm going to visit along the way would like to know when I'm arriving on their doorstep. So there is a fine line between leaving the trip flexible enough that you can spend extra time where you want to, and being a pain to all your friends and family by not letting them know when you are arriving.

I've posted my best guess on what the schedule might be like through the month of October. There is still ambiguity on what I'll be doing between Huntsville and Wichita Falls. If I can't think of anything better, I guess I'll be checking out Bill Clinton's old stomping ground.

From Halloween on, I only have a rough idea of where I'll be going and when. I'm considering skipping LA. I've been unable to get in touch with my friend in LA, and I'll have already shifted to National Park mode by then... But I may still spend Halloween in LA. There must be lots of strange things to see that night in LA! After that I'll be going to Sequoia and Yosemite national parks. I'll hit San Francisco and Tahoe. Eventually I plan on ending up in Seattle, and from there I'll likely pick the pace up and do some serious driving back. I'd like to make it to Mechanicsburg for Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned, as I plan to update the website from the road, so people can travel with me vicariously. Here is a handy xml feed.

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