Scanning Fiend

Since Saturday, I've scanned nearly 7 GB of old negatives. Precisely, I've scanned 7,364,231,105 bytes. It occurred to me, that my first "real" computer, a Macintosh SE/30 came with an upgraded hard drive (I'm not counting the Atari 800 or the Commodore 128). It was 80 MB, as opposed to the standard 40 MB. Since saturday, I've scanned enough data, to fill that 80 MB drive over 87 times! It is amazing how much things have changed in 16 years (yikes, has it been that long). I'm starting to sound like a grown up who talks about the good old days. BTW, I've processed very few of those scans yet, but when I do, you can expect to see them on Flickr.

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