Peak Oil News, April 20

Just a few articles in the news today...

The Peak Oil Crisis : Politics After the Peak
Falls Church News Press - Falls Church,VA,USA
The future politics of peak oil are discussed in this article. I can't say there is much news in the article, but it made at least a couple good points. I agree with the author's belief that America is concerned about our foreign dependence on oil, but is not ready to suffer the hardships needed in order to reduce that dependence. It loses some credibility though of declaring President Jimmy Carter as one of the most prescient presidents to hold the office.

Debate intensifies about fuel alternatives as oil prices rise
ABC Online - Australia
Another article discussing the politics of peak oil. As with the Falls Church News Press article mentioned above, it is suggested that taxes on oil be increased rather than decreased. You almost never hear me support the creation or increase of any taxes, but in this case it may just make sense.

"Peak Oil and the Environment" Conference To Address World's Most Pressing Challenges
Environmental News Network (press release) - San Rafael,CA,USA
[...A three-day conference on sustaining the planet in the 21st century convenes in Washington D.C. May 7-9 to address the implications of two overlapping crises...]

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