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It never ceases to amaze me how poorly communications companies communicate with themselves and customers. I was tired of paying 10 cents per text message, and I received a promotional flyer with my bill this month that gives me a "MEdia" package for $9.99. I get 200 Text/IM's, 40 Picture/Video, and 1MB "MEdia Net" wireless internet. The promotional flyer further said "Get Unlimited Messaging and MEdia Net usage for the first month when you sign up for MEdia Basic."

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, I called up my kinda friendly customer service rep, who proceeded to tell me that she knew nothing about unlimited usage the first month. She kept asking me where I was reading this. I kept telling her it was a promotional flyer that came with my bill. I even offered helpful hints like, "The flyer is dated October 2005, and it has a code that may help you find the promotion in your computer system." No luck, she basically said, well, if you get billed for it, you can always fax us the flyer and we'll credit your account. Sigh. Yes, I'm talking about Cingular... Yes I still think they are a superior customer experience than Verizon. And yes, they suck too. After all these years, Lily Tomlin still has the phone company pegged.

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