2012 Worldwide Day of Giving (Part 1)

Today is the 3rd Annual Worldwide Day of Giving! It is a day that was inspired by my brother's Year of Giving (Facebook Page), a project that I am immensily in awe of.

I wonder who I will give money to today. The fear and excitement is building, but having done it twice before, I know that the rush of goodness that follows will reward me. I encourage everyone to participate. And do it old school? find a stranger, and give them $10. Be prepared for rejection, as people can be wary of someone offering them money for nothing. Don't give up if you are rejected. Just move on to the next person. Explain to them that it is part of the Worldwide Day of Giving, and that they are free to give the money to someone else if they don't want it.

Oh, and please post a comment on Reed's blog or Facebook Page about your experience. In part two I'll post details about my giving experience this year.

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Worldwide Day of Giving
Thanks for the social media love and for getting out of your comfort zone and giving away $10! Well done! Reed, June 16, 2012 02:08