Year of Giving

I've been remiss at blogging about the wonderfully inspiring project my brother Reed started in December. I have lots of excuses for not blogging about it until now. I could blame the fact that I was in the midst of planning my wedding. But honestly, writing a short blog post takes minutes. Really, it is more about me not feeling like blogging anything. I've only posted three things in the past year. And I've had a growing sense that there it is a waste of time. Just about nobody reads this anyway, and I rarely have anything thought provoking to say that couldn't be said in a 140 character tweet.

Anyway, I feel bad that I haven't mentioned how proud I am of Reed's Year of Giving. My first reaction when he told me what he was thinking about doing in early December, was "what a great idea, I wish I'd thought of it." But even if I had, I rarely stick with something as well as he has. He is more than a third of the way through the project, and he hasn't missed a day yet. Those who know of my 365 Days project where I was supposed to take a self-portrait everyday for a year, know that I missed at least a third of the days in the year!

I seriously doubt anyone who reads this isn't already aware of his project, but if you aren't, go check it out now. It is very inspiring. I'm proud to have Reed as my brother.

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Lovely entry! Amanda Sandridge, May 24, 2010 05:43

Hey Bro, what a thoughtful blog post. I only saw this today...some seven months later! You shouldn't have felt bad about it though. You were so supportive of my year-long commitment. By the way, I love the second comment here....you know how I love trendy, luxurious handbags! Reed, March 13, 2011 01:50