NHL Southeast Division

You know, it is an accepted fact that the NHL Southeast Division is consistently the weakest of the 6 NHL divisions. I'm not really debating that, as it generally feels that way. But I thought how can you quantify that?

A Southeast Division team has won the Prince of Wales Trophy 5 out of the last 15 seasons for being the Eastern Conference Champions. With three divisions in the conference, it seems they win exactly as many times as they should. If the Caps can win it this year, the Southeast Division would actually be ahead of its statistically predicted average.

OK, well that is all well and good, but the Western Conference is better than the Eastern Conference, right? Well, the Western Conference has one 8 of the last 15 Stanley Cup's, but if an Eastern Conference team wins this year, then again we'll be at exactly the statistically predicted average.

OK, but how does the Southeast Division fare in the Stanley Cup Finals? Turns out they've just notched two wins in the past 15 Cups. With 6 divisions, you'd expect them to have won 2.5 times. So wait, if the Caps (or any other Southeast Division team) win the Cup in the next 3 years, then the Southeast will be exactly on target of its statistically prediced average.

I'm just saying....

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