Pay Attention to Your Environment

As I write this, the outside temperature is 63 °F. It isn't terribly cold, but definitely I would think a vast majority would agree that there is no need to air condition a space below this temperature.

As I write this, I hear 3-4 air conditioners humming outside in the alley behind my house.

As I write this, the temperature in my upstairs office (with two computers running) is 73 °F. Perfect for me. If I wanted it cooler, I'd open more windows (I had to close some of them a few hours ago because it was getting a bit too chilly in here).

So why do I hear the constant hum of air conditioners every year starting in March and lasting until November? I suspect it is because newer homes are built pretty efficiently, and that means the energy transfer from inside to out is pretty low. But we run all kinds of things in our home that puts out heat. Computers, refrigerators, TV's, lights, etc. Our own bodies generate heat.

It is great that we've built the technology to so reduce the energy transfer between the interior/exterior of our homes, especially in winter and summer. But in spring and fall, those people with allergies or who just don't pay attention to the fact that it is 15 degrees colder outside than what they are air conditioning their homes to, pour tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

It drives me nuts.

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Earth Aid
I neglected to mention that you can track your energy usage on Earth Aid (http://earthaid.net). Ryan, October 09, 2009 09:10