Letter to CareFirst

November 25, 2008

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
840 First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20065

Dear CareFirst,

It is my understanding that you are a non-profit organization. You recently sat on a $754 Million surplus on $2 Billion in revenues. Many would call that a 37.7% profit. With that in mind, I'd like an explanation for why I am seeing a 17% rate increase beginning on January 1, 2009 from $xxx/month to $xxx/month.


Ryan Sandridge

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letter to carefirst
Ryan: I am right there with you. I continue to "enjoy" yearly increases in premiums. It all began when I moved to Alexandria in 04 and was told by BCBS that my coverages with BCBS of VA would have to change to Carefirst of DC. While Sterling is "in VA", Alexandria according to maps drawn long ago is considered "in DC". So not only have my rates gone up a ridiculously high amount (they are over 4x what I paid in VA!!!), my level of service has gone down. It seems I am penalized for living in an area with a pool of insured people that cost them more. How is that fair? Its an imperfect system any way you look at it. Not even getting into the fact that the quality of care is also affected, doctors are getting paid less and insurance companies are too involved in decisions that belong in the hands of medical professionals. We can't wait forever for this to be solved. Finally I'm puzzled why the people who don't have health insurance because its too expensive are not more vocal. So much of what the media reports comes from those who do have insurance and are freaked out that they will be forced to enroll in a universal option. So where are the silent uninsured ? If I were them, I would sure be out there yelling. Marianne, September 25, 2009 12:25