Apple Wasting My Time

I am a master procrastinator. In other words, I'm a master at wasting my own time. But I hate it when others waste my time. Verizon wasted hours upon hours of my time back in 2003/2004, and I've not been a customer of theirs since. I'm still bitter about it.

Lately, Apple has been wasting more and more of my time. For starters, Leopard has decreased my productivity rather than increased it. I find it ironic that their commercials make such fun of the Vista users downgrading to XP, when in all honesty, Tiger was a better product than Leopard.

How is Leopard wasting my time? For starters, they've built a new firewall that is terribly hard to figure out. More than once, I've not been able to ssh tunnel to my source control management server. Every time this happens, I've got to go and try to remember why it isn't working with Leopard. Preview (which I prefer, or at least preferred over Adobe Reader) is buggy as hell in Leopard (when using two monitors, it centers documents half on one monitor and half on the other!!! iCal now takes more clicks and/or keystrokes to set up an event than it did in Tiger. Apple Mail asks me EVERY SINGLE TIME I LAUNCH IT if I want to reorganize my folders... NO! Where the hell is the "Don't ask me again" box? Time Machine seems flakey, it's great when it is working, but seems to mysteriously forget how to connect to the backup drive periodically.

Most recently, I've been trying to buy an iPhone 3G. They are sold out everywhere. How annoying. They had us wait until WWDC for the announcement, but they weren't ready to release it so we waited another month. Then they release it, but every location seems to be immediately out of stock. So they create this clever little page that allows you to check inventory the night before, in order to save you wasted trips. Great! Well, it is great if their web page listing store hours was accurate. I saw last night that Clarendon had all three models of the iPhone in stock, and the store opens at 10 am. So I get to the store at 9:30 anticipating the need to wait in line. Guess what? The store opened at 9 am, and they already sold out of all their iPhones. The rather unsympathetic and arrogant employee I spoke with did inform me that the store opens at 8 am tomorrow (although the website says they open at 10 am).

I'm sure I'll cool off, and change my mind, but I'll likely spend much of my day procrastinating things I should be doing, by figuring out how to make the switch to Linux, and which phone to buy rather than the iPhone.

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what's the hurry on the 3G phone? I am waiting for another week or so before attempting to see Dark Knight (letting the crowds die down - i hate crowded cinemas), can you not just order the phone online and have it shipped when stock is available? Conor, July 28, 2008 04:28

Response to Conor
I suppose there is no rush. I'm just tired of waiting. I waited out the first gen iPhone for the second gen iPhone, so I've been waiting about 13-14 months now. And oddly enough, it does not appear you can order the phone. Or if you can, it isn't very clear how you can do that. Ryan, July 28, 2008 06:19